How do you sell your very own timeshare?

I have listed my timeshare with RE/MAX, after $500 dollars and a few pieces of paper saying that they will list my timeshare (only on their website), and a piece of paper saying that my timeshare will get listed with them for 2 years and after that 2 years, whether my timeshare gets sold or not, their commitments to me would end. I wasn’t informed about this policy prior to my payment over the phone with the agent. If I had only known what I do now, I would have never listed with them. And certainly not pay them in advance like I did.

I should have asked more questions on how my timeshare was going to get listed with them.
How often will I hear from them on the status of my listing?
What happens if it doesn’t get sold?
Will there be any other additional fees? If so, what are they?

When I had initially contacted RE/MAX, I got all the attention in the world from the agent, but once I had paid for the service…I feel like I am pestering them when I call the office to check on the status of my listing with them after 5 months of no communication from the company.

This experience had reminded me of my younger years when I was approached by an Army Recruiter who had promised me the world…but I sadly found out shortly after my boot camp that everything that my recruiter had promised me was just to sell me to enlist, and I worked.

So where am I am now? Back to square one. I am still stuck with my timeshare at Vacation Village at Parkway, 2949 Arabian Nights Boulevard, Kissimmee, FL 34747-4551, which I can’t no longer financially keep due to annual maintenance and RCI membership fees.

If anyone out there has sold their timeshare successfully with no upfront fees, please let me know.


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